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Book Club

The BYM Book Club is open to all members. It meets once a month (except July and December) at a member’s home. The members and size of the group vary and you don’t have to attend every meeting to be a part of the group. The group meets over the summer to select books and meeting hosts for the upcoming months. Books range in topic and may be fiction or non-fiction.


Foodie Club

The BYM Foodie Club appreciates great food and loves to try new things! This group has changed over the years and is still very eclectic. Past events have included happy hours at trendy restaurants, cooking classes, recipes swaps, or even movies where food is featured. Foodie club does not meet every month, but it is always fu.

Mom's Night Out

Monthly Mom’s Night Out provides an opportunity for members to get together, socialize and enjoy an evening out. These are always something to look forward to and the events are never the same from month to month. Recent outings include live theatre performances, private shopping nights, painting parties and sometimes a simple gathering at a local restaurant. Past events have included happy hours, live theatre performances, private shopping nights, painting parties and much more!

New Mom Meals

BYM takes care of members. The weeks after bringing home baby are some of the hardest and other members are there to help. By notifying the group of your needs, members contribute homemade meals, ready-to-cook dinners, restaurant delivery or gift cards to help you make it through the  challenging time of caring for a newborn and still managing the day to day.