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About Membership in Bellaire Young Mothers


Membership in Bellaire Young Mothers is only $30 per calendar year. 

Please read our eligibility requirements before submitting your application.

 Membership Eligibility 

Membership in Bellaire Young Mothers is available to all Moms, or Moms-to-Be who meet BOTH of the following Requirements:

    1.  Applicant must currently have a child, or be currently expecting a child. Our children and family events primarily involve children age 5 and under.

    2.  Applicants do not have to reside in the City of Bellaire, but must understand that a majority of the events take place in Bellaire or one of the following zip codes: 


Requirements of Members

 Bellaire Young Mothers is a very active moms group.  We plan many events and activites of interest for our members in addition to having a strong online community.  All benefits of BYM are equally available to all members.

To continue to provide a variety of activities, events and community service activities, we do have suggested requirements for membership. 

All members are strongly encouraged to participate in and "give back" to the group.  Below are some examples of ways to meet the membership participation requirement for each membership year:

    1.  Serve in a volunteer position on the BYM Board or Sub-Committee.

    2.  Serve as a playgroup coordinator

    3.  Provide a meal for a new mom through the BYM New Mom Meals Program.

    4.  Volunteer at one of the BYM coordinated events throughout the year.

    5.  Host a meeting of a BYM subgroup.  (Book Club, Foodie Group, etc.)



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If you are a previous member and are attempting to rejoin.  Please see this page for additional information and instruction on how to do so