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Welcome to Bellaire Young Mothers!

We are a group of moms who value social connections, educational resources, and recreational activities for ourselves and our kids.

Do we all live in BELLAIRE?
While we live in Bellaire and the surrounding areas, we are not limited by geography.

Are we all YOUNG?
We are YOUNG at heart! We have children of all ages and moms of all ages!

Are we all MOTHERS?
Whether you are a new mom, an eagerly expecting mom, or an experienced and needs-a-break-mom, we welcome you and hope you find your mom squad among our members.
(Dads and grandparents are welcomed, but the focus of our events is on moms and their family interests.)





Family Events







Mom's Events










About Us


Motherhood can feel so lonely, but in BYM, we can connect with other moms through playgroups and kids events! And for those times we need adult conversation, BYM hosts happy hours and Mom’s Night Outs!

Local Activities

BYM supports local organizations! From fundraising for the Nature Discovery Center to visiting the Bellaire Fire Station, we plan and coordinate family events focused on fun and community service! 

Online Community

While we may connect in the neighborhood, we also keep up through a robust online community. Check out our BYM Calendar, follow us on Instagram, and like our public (and members-only) page on Facebook!


There’s so much to learn and do as a mom! BYM is your one-stop shop for tips on becoming a more efficient and effective mom through our speaker events. Seminars are recorded and can be watched later when the kids are asleep!

What we Do for Fun

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events